snow day

DSC03104Hello everyone! The last few weeks have been very busy but I’ve been cooped up for
a couple days due to Winter Storm Q.
I expected to get more reading done during the two snows days I got off from work, but ended up napping and shoveling a lot instead. Here at my house in Kansas City
I think there was at least a foot of snow.
I’m a little sore now, but I have a concert
Heritage Philharmonic to get through tonight!

Books Feb 23Anyway, I also got new books this week: The Painted Girls, The End of Your Life Book ClubThe Round House, and The Love Song of Jonny ValentineJonny Valentine I won as a giveaway last month from The Relentless Reader and it just arrived, and the other three I bought for myself. In April my husband and I are moving and the new place won’t have internet, so I expect to get a lot of reading done in the evenings and weekends once we’re over there. Currently I’m back down to a one book per week and I’m hoping to ramp back up my pace soon!