booking through thursday: quality v. quantity

Which is more important:
quality for your reading or quantity?

Quality, of course! Who wouldn’t say quality is more important? I do a lot of checking around on books in advance—on blogs, reviews, etc.—before giving it a go. I’ve bought a bunch of books that I haven’t gotten to yet, but I know will be fantastic and I can’t wait to get to them all. However…

I may have mentioned on the blog before that I’m a competitive person. I loved playing team sports as a kid, but I admit I took losses pretty hard (not that I was a sore/poor loser, just really really hated to lose and would beat myself up emotionally after a loss!). This has taken years to reign in—my competitiveness still exists, but now I’m mostly just competitive with myself. Switching to golf and yoga was so good for me. And now it has made it’s way into my book reading habits, especially this year when I joined some online challenges like the TBR Pile (2 books behind at the moment… grrr) and Eclectic Reader. I have reading goals now and I know I’ll be pissed if I don’t read all my 12 books for each! I have to beat the number of books I read the previous year! (Which I just did, incidentally—40 total in 2012, just got to 40 this week for 2013.) Although deep in my heart I know this is just kind of ridiculous and it’s totally okay if I don’t read as much as I aim for. But I’m having fun and enjoying my books. That’s the most important thing!

How about you—is quality or quantity more important to you? (Do I even have to ask? 😉 )