reading recap: april 2016

All right, everybody. I didn’t finish any books in April. I have a good reason:


I am moving to SINGAPORE!

My husband will be the new assistant professor of composition at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at the National University of Singapore this fall. I’m so, so proud of him and so excited for this adventure! So as you can imagine, there is a lot of preparation to do for this upcoming international move. You’ll have to forgive me for not posting lately and I may not finish any books in May either… maybe one by the end of June?? But yeah, writing blog posts and getting through books is the least of my concerns at the moment. There will be LOTS of time on the plane ride out there… and when I arrive jobless… for reading, haha!

I still love to see what others are reading, though! What did you read in April? Who’s ready for summer to start!?

booking through thursday: moving

What kind of moving experiences have you had with your books? Did having to pack and move your books cause any changes in your book-collecting habits? Did it make you wish you had everything on an e-reader?

PERFECT TIMING, Booking Through Thursday! I’m actually moving (AGAIN) this weekend. Well… it’s  like this. For the last two years my husband and I rented an adorable little house in a cute neighborhood I’ve been wanting to get into for years. In February, our landlords told us they wanted to sell the house, and since our lease was up on March 31 they preferred not to renew (or go month-to-month) with us, and asked us to move out. Logically, sure, that’s all fine, we got plenty of advance notice and our lease was ending after all… but emotionally… !!!NOOO!!! 😦 Not only was I really sad to leave the house, but the timing could NOT have been more horrible. Nick had already booked out-of-town conference travel for roughly half of the days in March and then he was gone the actual last day, so I had to move us on my own (with the help of wonderful friends and family! but it was weird without him there). On top of Nick being away for some of that time, it was SMACK in the middle of the semester, when he was trying to finish up his doctoral degree (last coursework, comps exams, and dissertation), and there was zero time to search for a new place (and not much available in early spring)… not only that, we were waiting to find out if we were possibly going to move overseas for the next year, so why sign a new 12-mo lease here? Anyway, we put everything in a storage unit and luckily we were able to rent a furnished room month-to-month in our professors’ guest house until now. Phew!

Since I thought we might be moving abroad, I packed our things differently and more securely than I ever packed before. (In the past, I used to just throw my books in a rolling-suitcase and unpack them right away at my new apartment.) I mean, we might not see this stuff for a few years!! Well, it turns out the move abroad didn’t work out, so I spent the summer apartment hunting here and found a good place for us starting August 1. Here’s the kicker, though—Nick is away now, too! If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know he’s a composition fellow at the Aspen Summer Music Festival until mid-August. Again, I’m super lucky and grateful to have a great group of friends volunteer to pitch in to move our stuff from the storage unit this weekend.

But I’ve been thinking a lot about when the hauling in done, how I want to handle the unpacking. Do I really want to unpack my boxes of books, just so they can sit on a bookshelf (unread, no doubt) for a year? What if I just left them in the boxes in a closet, would that be so horrible? That goes for DVDs and CDs, too. And it’s not like I have thousands of books. I think maybe it amounts to around 20 medium/smallish boxes. I just feel like, after what we just went through a few months ago, and if there’s the possibility of moving again in just 11 months, why bother unpacking the non-essentials? Of course I will have books around, things I’m currently reading or get over the next year. But all the old ones already read and in boxes? I’m strongly leaning towards leaving them packed up!

If moving abroad had worked out I would have definitely gotten an e-reader, although I got an iPad mini as a surprise gift a few months ago and have been using that to dip my toes into e-reading. It’s all right, but I still like a physical book better. I’d never get rid of all my books, I think. After this experience this year with moving, too, I’m more enthusiastic about using my local library 🙂

How about you and packing/moving your books? Moving sucks no matter what, amirite??