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Last Saturday night, Valentine’s Day, my husband and I went to Overland Park to hear Voice perform on the Performing Arts Series at Johnson County Community College (one of my favorite presenters—it always has a fantastic, fun season). Voice, a British all-women a cappella trio, was a lovely choice for Valentine’s Day. I’m no fan of Valentine’s Day—mostly I think it’s saccharine and disingenuous. We should be showing our love to each other year-round! February 14 is not a significant date in our relationship, at least. Anyway! Voice’s program was neither too sweet nor too sappy; it had just the right kind of earnest sentimentality making for an affecting evening. I enjoyed it and would love to see them perform again one day!

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heartland mens chorus: vegas, baby

In this week’s new issue of KCMetropolis.org I have one review, a Kansas City choral favorite: the Heartland Mens Chorus in its season finale, Vegas, Baby! I always enjoy HMC’s concerts—they always pull out all the stops with great guest artists, dancing, costumes, high-quality production value, and smart themes. Sometimes I wish the arrangements for the chorus were a little more complex and challenging, because they could totally handle it! But overall the shows are so much fun, completely memorable, and this one in particular was quite the spectacle!

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heartland men’s chorus: baby, it’s cold outside

KCMetropolis.orgThe holiday season is in full swing here in Kansas City! In this week’s issue of KCMetropolis.org I have a new review:

On Friday after work I ventured into the frigid temperatures for a night out. First, I had drinks and snacks at chef Celina Tio’s Collection downtown with my friend Karen before we went to our respective shows. It was great and I’ll definitely be back! I had a signature cocktail and the mac n’ cheese. MMMM.

Heartland Men's Chorus

After that I headed over to the Folly Theater to review the Heartland Men’s Chorus‘s annual holiday production, this year titled Baby, It’s Cold Outside. I always enjoy HMC’s concerts because they are usually so uplifting, high energy, and silly, not too saccharine, and with just the right amount of heartstring-pulling. This one was bittersweet in particular though due to it being artistic director Joe Nadeau’s final production with HMC (he accepted the post of AD at the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles recently). The touching tributes and looks on the faces of the HMC members made it clear he will be fondly remembered and sorely missed.

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(Photo credit: Heartland Men’s Chorus courtesy of Susan McSpadden Photography, provided by HMC)


My cold threw me off badly last week, but I was well enough mid-week to sneak in one review. Cantus, a Minneapolis-based a cappella men’s nonet, was supposed to perform on the Harriman-Jewell Series here in Kansas City in February, but was snowed out. They did make it into town despite the weather, but the concert was postponed to last Thursday. I really enjoyed these guys! Great singers all around. I liked their sensitivity to the music and easy-going vibe. It was obvious they really thought through their programming choices, and overall the concert was pleasant and fun. I absolutely LOVED Veljo Tormis’s Incantatio maris aestuosi! (Track 13 here) Best choral work I’ve heard live in a while—find this and listen to it. Can’t recommend highly enough. There was really only one piece on Cantus’s concert I personally hated…! Read my full review at KCMetropolis: Cantus displays musical diversity

Photo credit: Curtis Johnson, from cantussings.org