2015 Ebook Challenge

ID-10093750My goal with this challenge is to read at least twelve (hopefully more) ebooks I have downloaded to my iPad but haven’t read yet. Any genre, any release year, free or purchased—doesn’t matter as long as it’s an ebook I already have downloaded.

This is a very casual, low-pressure challenge for myself. I’m going to go at my own pace (with the loose goal of one ebook per month), and go with whatever strikes my mood when I’m choosing the next ebook to read off my iPad.

As I finish ebooks, I will list it here and link the title to the review post on my blog.

Twelve Years a Slave (ebook)… Solomon Northup
Rivers (ebook) … Michael Farris Smith
I Never Had It Made (ebook) … Jackie Robinson, as told to Alfred Duckett
We Need New Names (ebook) … NoViolet Bulawayo
Just Kids (ebook, audiobook) … Patti Smith, read by author
My Cross to Bear (ebook) … Gregg Allman with Alan Light
ebook 7
ebook 8
ebook 9
ebook 10
ebook 11
ebook 12

ebook library

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