reading recap: march 2017

I had another prolific month of reading! It’s really nice to be back in a groove after so many blah months. I’m trying to catch up on books I’ve had forever and not buy new ones, and I’m doing okay with that, better than in the past. My audiobook reading has skyrocketed, though. Without a regular 8-to-5 I have tons of time to listen at home and on bus/subway rides. These ten books makes my 2017 total 27 already—more than halfway to my Goodreads goal of 50 for the year, so I may raise that soon enough!

  • Americanah … Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • The Stranger in the Woods (audio) … Michael Finkel, read by Mark Bramhall
  • When Breath Becomes Air … Paul Kalanithi
  • The Last One (win) … Alexandra Oliva
  • Psycho (audio) … Robert Bloch, read by Paul Michael Garcia
  • Brown Girl Dreaming (audio) … Jacqueline Woodson, read by author
  • Get in Trouble: Stories … Kelly Link
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (audio) … Ken Kesey, read by Tom Parker
  • Hidden Figures (ebook) … Margot Lee Shetterly
  • Mom & Me & Mom (audio) … Maya Angelou, read by author

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestWhen Breath Becomes Air, and The Stranger in the Woods were my favorites read in March. I loved Americanah, but I finished right before Adichie’s controversial interview comments came out, so I’m still sort of reconciling my feelings about it in retrospect. There were some really great stories in Get in Trouble, too, and Psycho was fabulous. I really wanted Hidden Figures to live up to all the grand hype, but for me it fell flat. The parts about the women themselves and their lives were excellent, but you have to wade through lots of textbook-like technical chapters that bored me. I still want to see the movie, though.

Okay. I think if I’m going to be getting through this volume of books (or close to it) each month, I’m going to have to get back into individual posts. It’ll be good for me, another project to keep me occupied!

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1 thought on “reading recap: march 2017

  1. Another great wrap up and I always love reading your recommendations! I think you would realllllly enjoy “The Persian Woman” by Thomas Booker. This book somehow manages to mix the action/suspense/thriller genre with romance in an interesting and unique way. The book follows the unlikely relationship between Jeffrey Quinn (ex Navy seal) and Muslim FBI Agent Parvin Sassani. Jeffrey has extreme biases towards Muslims because his wife was killed by a jihadist. He has found a diary that talks of a possible terror attack and when he brings it in to the FBI Parvin Sassani is put on the job and Jeffrey is immediately skeptical and unwilling to work with her. The book is refreshing in the sense that it covers a very real issue that is happening today with unfounded biases against certain cultures and religions. He is forced to learn about her ethics, culture, and belief system and in turn he falls for her. The characters are extremely likable and the story is riveting from start to finish.There is some violence in the book too but the character development and story-line keep you hooked. You can read more about it on Amazon:

    Would love to see this on a future wrap up! Thanks again for all the great book recs

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