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I didn’t have the best year ever. In fact, things have been fairly rough since fall 2013. But, I’m an optimist and looking forward to better times in 2016. Despite 2015 being generally lousy, I did have some good times: great visits with family (and seeing my niece and nephew a lot), renewing my interest in drawing, joining Instagram, the Royals winning the World Series, heard Margaret Atwood speak in person, and saw a lot of great shows including Hozier, Chris Hardwick, Audra McDonald, and Slash (on a wonderful road trip to Denver for our 5-year anniversary). I also somehow managed to read 60 books this year! I kind of can’t believe it—a new record for me. I beat my Goodreads goal (55), but didn’t make any of my other reading challenges (TBR Pile, Ebook). While I love a good challenge, I think in 2016 I’m only going to do the Goodreads/50 Book Pledge and probably the KC Library Adult Winter Reading Program, which is an easy 5 books in the early part of the year.

Here are my favorite dozen books I read in 2015, separated here by fiction and non-fiction, in order by author’s last name (click on each title’s link for full review post):

best fiction 2015

Sweetland … Michael Crummey (2014)
Hausfrau … Jill Alexander Essbaum (2015)
Our Endless Numbered Days … Claire Fuller (2015)
An Untamed State … Roxane Gay (2014)
Delicious Foods … James Hannaham (2015)
All the Birds, Singing … Evie Wyld (2013)

best nonfic 2015

Between the World and Me … Ta-Nehisi Coates (2015)
Columbine … Dave Cullen
The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace … Jeff Hobbs
Attempting Normal … Marc Maron
Just Mercy … Bryan Stevenson
Men We Reaped … Jesmyn Ward

Ten of these twelve I borrowed from the library (mostly hardcover, a couple paperbacks, a couple on audio). Author races and genders just about split evenly. Most of these were published in 2015 or 2014, a few from 2013, one from 2009.

Honorable Mentions:
Behind the Beautiful Forevers … Katherine Boo
Mother. Sister. Wife. … Rob Delaney
The Long Walk
… Stephen King as Richard Bachman
Missoula … Jon Krakauer
Where Men Win Glory … Jon Krakauer
Girl at War … Sara Nović
Slash … Slash with Anthony Bozza111 (1)

Last year, I took my analysis further and did a whole post with stats and percentages and cool graphs. I kept up with my stats through the year on a spreadsheet, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to break it all down this week! Goodreads has a decent recap page, though, which you can check out here.

Happy new year!

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