reading recap: september 2015

monthly recap imageWow, you guys, September. Not my strongest month for reading…

sept reading

Three books, each fewer than 200 pages, all read over Labor Day weekend. Pretty weak. I didn’t even write the blog review for Between the World and Me yet! In September, I also started Black Mass (still only about 40% through) and read the first 20 or so pages of both Fates and Furies and Slash. I don’t know. Just wasn’t feeling reading much in September. I don’t exactly want to call it a slump because I’m liking all of what I’ve read, but just had trouble sitting and focusing on it in my free time. I felt too antsy, it was too quiet in the house without my husband around (he was at a composer residency this whole past month).

Anyway, instead of reading I spent my time working on a drawing (which I haven’t done in YEARS) and re-watching The Sopranos. Such an amazing show; I never get sick of that one. Other stuff I did in September instead of reading: my favorite bar closed so I had to go over there one (okay, more than one) last time, watched the Packers go 3–0 (best start in a while!), saw members of ICE perform at UCM in Warrensburg, reviewed The Manhattan Transfer and Take 6, and my parents came for a visit last weekend.

What did you read in September? What are you looking forward to this fall?

7 thoughts on “reading recap: september 2015

  1. I read The Road, The Running Man, a draft of a friend’s novel, and I started Murakami’s newest. Plus submission to my journal. Of the three you listed, which one was your favorite?

  2. I’ve felt so much the same about reading in September…I actually enjoyed most of it, but felt like my mind was elsewhere and didn’t feel the pull to pick up a book. Here’s hoping October will be better for both of us!

  3. The Pack are 4-0 now! It is so much fun to watch them play, isn’t it? They all just have fun. I can’t say that about any of the other teams.

    I hope your October is filled with bookish goodness, and if it is not, then lots of fall goodies!

    • Thanks, same to you! I’m loving how well the Packers are doing right now. Really looking forward to getting up there for a game next month.

      I think I have to just quit all my reading challenges for the rest of the year. I’m becoming too busy to keep up with it all!

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