Credit: Abigail LarsonWelcome to September! I can’t believe how fast August flew by. I’m excited to join in with RIP X this year, R(eaders) I(mbibing) P(eril)’s tenth anniversary event, this time hosted by the Estella Society. I’ve never participated before, but I did see it for the first time around on other blogs last year.

The guidelines are easy: 1) Enjoy literature or films in the mystery, horror, suspense, thriller, gothic, dark fantasy, supernatural, or other sufficiently creepy genre; 2) Have fun reading and watching; and 3) Share that fun with others. RIP X officially runs September 1 to October 31, but you can join in anytime.

There are several levels of participation in RIP X:

  • Peril the First: Read four books of any length that fit within the broad RIP genres
  • Peril the Second: Read two books
  • Peril the Third: Read one book
  • Peril of the Short Story: Read short stories any time during the challenge
  • Peril on the Screen: Watch \scary, eerie, mysterious gothic fare—TV or film
  • Peril of the Group Read: Lauren Owen’s The Quick

I’m certain I’ll watch plenty of TV shows and movies that apply to Peril on the Screen, and I’ve selected some books I’ve had on my shelves for a while that will work well:


I’m not sure I want to fully commit to Peril the First, but I can manage Peril the Second, and at least one short story from Get in Trouble for Peril of the Short Story. I also remember seeing around the blogosphere that there will be a read-along of Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot coming up and I’d love to get in on that—I will investigate further!

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