bout of books 14 wrap-up

Here are my results from the Bout of Books 14 readathon:


Day 1: Monday, August 17
An Untamed State by Roxane Gay: read 22 pages (pgs. 56–78)

Day 2: Tuesday, August 18
Set up trip audiobook review blog post draft
An Untamed State: read 41 pages (pgs. 78–119)
Book Scavenger Hunt (Challenge 2):

Day 3: Wednesday, August 19
Published blog post: my KCM top ten
An Untamed State: read 28 pages (pgs. 119–147)

Day 4: Thursday, August 20
Published blog post: madison audiobooks

Day 5: Friday, August 21
An Untamed State: read 46 pages (pgs. 147–193)

Day 6: Saturday, August 22
An Untamed State: read 137 pages (pgs. 193–330)
Participated in half of the Twitter chat
Book Road Trip (Challenge 6):

Day 7: Sunday, August 23
An Untamed State: read 37 pages (pgs. 330–367), finished!
What to read next? (Challenge 7):

311 pages read
1 book finished
2 blog posts published
3 challenges completed

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