love wins

lovewinsYOU GUYS. I’m overwhelmed with joy and happiness today. I was already feeling lots of love this morning as it’s the fourth anniversary of our wedding “party” day (my husband and I were legally married in the courthouse  in October 2010, but did the whole “white dress” thing on this day in 2011). BUT! The Supreme Court’s ruling for marriage equality across the United States today was epic and a long time coming—I’m so happy to see this decision on the right side of history. Lots of work yet to do, but today I think celebration is in order!

I was going to write my blog post on We Need New Names today but that can wait. This afternoon I’m attending a rally across from Kansas City City Hall, and will bring my bass to play music with the Mid America Freedom Band, warming up the crowd before the speeches commence. All morning I’ve just been thinking about all the hard work and perseverance of so many people over decades to reach this point, and the sacrifices and persecution so many have faced. I think of my family and friends today who have fought for and deserve this historic win.

I can’t even fathom trying to come up with an appropriate list to share of composers, musicians, artists, performers, and writers whom I admire in the arts who are also part of the LGBTQIA community. I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’m so grateful to have been raised by open-minded parents in an open-minded, welcoming community and city, and further living in another such city as an adult, being exposed to people from all different walks of life. I look forward to the day where differences like this don’t make any difference at all.

2 thoughts on “love wins

  1. I agree that there is more work to be done, but it’s definitely a victory! There have been so many amazing stories of love to come from this decision, and I will never understand how so much good could ever be wrong in the minds of many. Haters to the left, or something.

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