bout of books 13 wrap-up

What a great week of reading and bookish fun! I always seem to start strong and fizzle by the end of these week-long events, though. Here are my progress and results from the Bout of Books 13 readathon:


Day 1: Monday, May 11
I Never Had it Made (ebook) by Jackie Robinson: read 20 pages (pgs. 58–78)
Find Me by Laura van den Berg: started, read 54 pages
Attempting Normal (audio) by Marc Maron: started, listened to 293 minutes (88.5%)
Set up three book review blog post drafts
Bookish Survey (Challenge 1):

Day 2: Tuesday, May 12
Published book review blog post: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
I Never Had it Made: read 20 pages (pgs. 78–98)
Find Me: read 37 pages (pgs. 54–91)
Attempting Normal: listened to 38 minutes (11.5%), finished!

Day 3: Wednesday, May 13
Published book review blog post: The Tusk That Did the Damage by Tania James
I Never Had it Made: read 9 pages (pgs. 98–107)
Find Me: read 12 pages (pgs. 91–103)
Book Haiku (Challenge 3):

Day 4: Thursday, May 14
Published book review blog post: Attempting Normal (audio) by Marc Maron
Find Me: read 56 pages (pgs. 103–159)
Modern to Classic (Challenge 4):

Day 5: Friday, May 15
Find Me: read 22 pages (pgs. 159–181)
Cover Color (Challenge 5):

Day 6: Saturday, May 16
Find Me: read 32 pages (pgs. 181–213)

Day 7: Sunday, May 17
Find Me: read 65 pages (pgs. 213–278), finished!

331 minutes of audiobook listening
327 pages read
2 books finished
3 blog posts published
4 challenges completed

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