reading recap: april 2015

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It’s May 1 and I’m into the final stretch of the semester at work… only two weeks until summer break, yay! April was insane busy, which is totally normal this time of year, so I’m really looking forward to classes ending soon (I still work FT hours all summer, but it’s much more relaxed around the office). I also had stuff almost every weekend, from family visiting to orchestra gigs. I jumped around in my reading a little bit so when I checked my completed books for this post it felt like a lower number than it should’ve been:

april recap

I also started Still Alice by Lisa Genova on paperback from the library, and The Farm by Tom Rob Smith on audio, but didn’t finish them within April, so that’s why it probably feels like less. I’ll have those finished up by mid-May, no problem!

A few quick thoughts:

  • The Thief of Always was so charming while still being wonderfully creepy, and it was a nice thing to bond with my husband over, being one of his favorite childhood books. I’m always recommending stuff to him, it was his turn to recommend to me!
  • Hausfrau was just what I needed when I read it—a dark, hot, heartbreaking book. Although I have been too busy to put in my two cents at the Socratic Salon on this one, it was a real treat to look over the discussion.
  • Mind of Winter‘s twist ending had me shocked and thinking about it for days. Win!
  • Columbine is my fourth book of the TBR Pile Challenge, keeping me on pace! This is my best progress so far of any year I’ve participated. As horrifying as this subject matter is, I loved being consumed by a fascinating non-fiction again. Review soon…
  • Speaking of the TBR Pile Challenge, its host Adam at Roof Beam Reader is hosting monthly giveaways and I won it this month! The prize was Green Girl by Katie Zambreno. Looking forward to it!
  • I also had a blast participating in (albeit limitedly) Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon on April 25. As always, I had concert conflicts, but I still tried to read as much as I could and jump in on Twitter during the day. I ended up reading 200+ pages in Columbine  (over the whole weekend), not bad!

For May reading I’m looking to get through another TBR Pile book to stay on track, and I have to read at least one ebook for my own Ebook Challenge (I’m two months behind…). I’m looking at starting I Never Had it Made by Jackie Robinson, since baseball season is now in full swing (ba-dow! Thank you, I’m here all week). And finishing the two above, Still Alice and The Farm. I’d love to finish six whole books—I seem to be stalled out at 4–5 the last couple of months. I have a ton more books waiting for me, maybe I’ll go for Station ElevenFind Me, or An Untamed State. I’m a mood reader so we’ll see!

How did April go for you? What are you looking forward to in May?

7 thoughts on “reading recap: april 2015

  1. Good luck with your final stretch. Dying to read Hausfrau. Everyone loves it.

    I’ve been waiting for Station Eleven from my library since December. I’m now third on the waiting list. GAHHH!

    Books on my May list so far: Boo by Neil Smith, Welcome to the Circus by Rhonda Douglas, and Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood. Finishing Galore by Michael Crummey right now.


    • Thanks! The end is in sight!!!

      I have a copy of Station Eleven (Christmas gift… to myself…) and I haven’t read it yet. The author is coming through Kansas City next month to promote the paperback release… I always feel silly when I haven’t read the book by then but still want to go to the author event!

      YES for Stone Mattress! I loved that one, and I enjoyed Crummey’s Sweetland earlier this year. I hope you have a fabulous month of reading in May!

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