reading recap: march 2015

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March was just as great as February! Just kidding, it was another horrible month on the personal front. It went by so fast, though, I kind of can’t believe it’s over and we’re in April already. But again, despite the not-fun real-life drama, I ended up reading five books:

march reading recap

I guess five per month is my usual, huh? I liked TransAtlantic the best of these, and it counted on my TBR Pile Challenge. Yay, on track! However, though I did read Rivers for my Ebook challenge, I failed to read a third so I’m technically one book behind on that challenge. Oh well, I’m not going to be tough on myself about the challenges this year. I did end up finishing the KC Library challenge, rounding that out with Shotgun Lovesongs and The Silent Wife. This year the prize for finishing was a nifty glass tumbler!

I’m lucky this month there wasn’t a stinker in the bunch, I enjoyed all these books. One day I’ll have all the reviews posted in time to link them in my monthly recap! I hope March was a good month for you in reading and in life. What was the best/worst for you in books last month?

5 thoughts on “reading recap: march 2015

  1. Ohh that is always so great when every single read for the month was a good one! Hope your April is just as good reading-wise (and that the other drama goes away).

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