top ten tuesday: book-related problems

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, a fun way to get yourself thinking and sharing about books and bookish things.

February 17: Book-related problems I have

Today’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday is a fun one—nothing is perfect, not even reading books. (I know, right??) Here are some book-related issues I face being a bibliophile, in no particular order:

All your library holds coming in at once
This is a new one for me—I wanted to go easy on buying books in 2015, but that doesn’t mean I have to give up reading new books! I went a little hog-wild last month with holds at my local library and wouldn’t you know it, almost all of them became available at the same time. PANIC!

The ever-expanding TBR pile
Forever and always. I’m trying to pare this down thanks to the TBR Pile Challenge but haven’t completed it yet once. Third year’s the charm? Here’s hoping…

I loved having an e-reader at first. All the books in my pocket?? And just a buck a book? So amazing! But sadly I just end up forgetting about them on there—I’m much more of a physical book kind of person. At least science is showing that I’m not alone, but still. I want to knock down my ebook collection a bit this year too, with a challenge to myself. I think I need to be done buying and reading ebooks though, and move entirely back to physical books.

What to read next?!? I want to read ALL TEH BERKS at the same time! This one? That one? I really want to love this one, what if I don’t love it? This one is too long for right now, but this one is too short. The struggle is real.

Too busy to read
Regular visitors to this blog know I’m super busy most of the year: I have a FT job, a PT job, and three orchestras in which I play bass, not to mention a family and home stuff and working out and friends and everything else people do on the regular. I often have weeks where I barely can squeeze in 30 solid minutes during lunch to read, especially in the fall and spring.

Now usually it doesn’t bother me all that much to be interrupted in public while reading—like, if they ask what I’m reading or keep it really brief. You’re out in public, after all. But once I was reading during an orchestra rehearsal break (just 10 minutes—you see how desperate and sparse my reading time can become) and another musician came up to me and started a conversation about what a big reader he is and how he tries to read any spare moment he has… oh really? Then you’d know not to interrupt! (smh)

You know what I’m talking about. The never-ending boxes. Box after box after box. HEAVY boxes. Sometimes rolling luggage bags. Ugh what a hassle. Here’s where ebooks have the advantage.

So many books, so little time
The existential crisis every book lover faces a few times (or more) in their life. Isn’t it both depressing and wonderful to know you’ll never live long enough to read everything you want to read? Isn’t it freeing to realize you can quit a book you’re not loving? (Yes I just figured this out in the last year or so.)

What are some book-related problems you experience?

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