reading recap: january 2015

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My reading got off to a fantastic start in 2015! I kind of can’t believe I ended up with seven books:

jan reading recap

I’m especially pleased that I took advantage of my local library with three of these books (Hobbs, Wyld, Ward) and I’m on pace with my TBR Pile and Ebook Challenges (Cahalan, Northup). I was about half and half for non-fiction and fiction, though I am looking forward to getting completely lost in some beautiful fiction in February—I have All the Light We Cannot See and Sweetland queued up.

The best two books I read in January were The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace and Men We Reaped. Both were powerful and affecting, probably more so read close together as they’re both pretty much on the same subject, but with different perspectives.

I had plans to read other things this last week of January but HAD to squeeze in Margaret Atwood’s Power Politics, a slim volume of poetry, because I AM GOING TO SEE HER LECTURE AT KU TOMORROW!

How did your year of reading start out? What was the best book you read in January?

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