2014 year-in-review

mlhm 2014 stats

Hello, fellow readers! Over the weekend I tried my hand at making a cool graphic a la River City Reading but admittedly I had some trouble and I’m not sure I’ll do that again… ha! But it turned out okay, if a little small to read. Here’s the stats:

  • 56 total books (62.5% paper books, 23% audiobooks, 14.5% ebooks). I read 13,726 pages and spent 6,446 minutes listened to audiobooks, giving an average rating of 3.8 stars on Goodreads.
  • 36 owned, 19 from the library, 1 borrowed
  • I mostly read Non-fiction (43%) and Literary fiction (23%)
  • I mostly read books published in the 2010s (39 of 56)
  • I mostly read books set in the United States.
  • Of 54 authors, 31 were male and 22 were female (with 1 book co-authored by male and female writers)
  • Did I read diversely? Not as much as I would have liked or thought: only 16% of the books I read were authored by a person of color, and only 30% were non-US American authors.

So I feel all right about the gender split, but I don’t particularly like the numbers there on my diversity in reading. This is the first year I tracked author gender/race/nationality. Here’s the thing, though—I choose books to read first and foremost based on the subject matter or the story, whether those appeal to me. So it’s a bit uncomfortable that I ended up with stats like this on authors unconsciously. But who goes into reading a book with lowered expectations because of a writer’s gender, race, or nationality? And why does it matter? I believe there are many factors into why stats easily become skewed towards white American dudes—marketing, history, and so on. More in-depth, researched blog posts and articles have been written on the subject. I just hope that by observing my own stats here that I can more actively seek out authors of color and non-American authors, and discover some new, awesome books in 2015 and beyond!

6 thoughts on “2014 year-in-review

  1. You’ve given me a great idea for this year. I usually track my reads; female/male but never thought of tracking by country. This year was 41 female and 9 male. I’ll try to include country this year. Thanks!

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