ebook challenge 2015

ID-10093750I don’t know about you, but I am becoming notoriously bad at resisting the cheap ebook deals online now that I have an ereading device, but I just have the worst trouble making myself read on my iPad—I do prefer paper books to electronic. Maybe it’s because I sit at a computer all day at work (and often work on my home computer in the evenings), I love how a paper book really forces me to unplug and unwind. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love the idea of ebooks! It’s fabulous to carry a slim tablet around rather than a chunky hardcover, for sure, and to have myriad reading options at the tip of your finger.

My goal with my 2015 Ebook Challenge is to read at least twelve (hopefully more) ebooks I have downloaded to my iPad but haven’t read yet. Any genre, any release year, free or purchased—doesn’t matter as long as it’s an ebook I already have downloaded.

This is a very casual, low-pressure challenge for myself. I’m going to go at my own pace (with the loose goal of one ebook per month), and go with whatever strikes my mood when I’m choosing what to read next on my iPad. If you want to join along and tackle your own ebook collection, that’s awesome! But at this time this is just for self-accomplishment and pride purposes, no plans for a monetary award or “winner.”

As I finish ebooks, I will list them and link review posts to my master page in the Book Challenge tab here. I’ll use the hashtag #2015ebookchallenge on Twitter.

Part of this challenge is not downloading (many 😉 ) more ebooks in 2015, too! Here’s are snapshots of my iBooks and Kindle collections (as of 7 Dec 2014):

ebook library

2 thoughts on “ebook challenge 2015

  1. I hate to be harbinger of doom and gloom but … I’m a committed ebook reader and I think the reason why is because I use a dedicated ereader instead of an iPad. It is so much easier on your eyes and does not feel like reading off a computer. I probably read 75% of my book digitally.
    Good luck with your challenge.

    • No doom and gloom! I was going to get an ereader but then was gifted an iPad mini. Can’t afford both. But can’t seem to resist the cheap ebook deals! I’m not sure an ereader-only would make much of a difference for me anyway—I love the feel and weight of a paper book, flipping around and seeing tangible progress or pages left (in a chapter or the whole book), and being completely disconnected from electronics while I’m reading way too much 🙂

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