kansas city jazz orchestra

KCMetropolis.orgI haven’t posted about my concert coverage here for a while because an awful aggregate website called Tinseltown News (not linking to it) was picking up my posts, so I’m trying again with caution…

Last weekend I went to the Kauffman Center to see the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra‘s season opener, featuring all-around jazz guru Hal Melia. About a decade ago I took jazz voice (!) lessons with Hal here in Kansas City, before he moved. He is probably the most enthusiastic, fun-loving, joyful performer I know! Just an awesome player and and awesome person. It was a pleasure to see him again back in KC for a concert. And the KC Jazz Orchestra was better than ever—I thought the programming for this first concert was smart and varied. Bonus fun fact: this is my 150th article for KCMetropolis.org!

Read my full review at KCMetropolis.org: KCJO’s swingin’ history lesson

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