reading recap: september 2014

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September. Oh, this month. Here’s how you can tell the school year (work) and concert season (play) have kicked into full gear:

Sept 2014 reading recap

Just a little pathetic! At least, that was my first thought. It’s probably not actually all that bad, considering The Walking Dead is 1,088 pages (yes, graphic novel pages, but still substantial!) and Five Days at Memorial is 486 pages (just the content—not counting in acknowledgements or notes pages at the end). I had higher hopes for my reading in September after having a great August but eh, what can you do? Life stuff.

The Walking Dead was fun and I enjoyed it enough—I liked that it got me back in the mood for the TV show returning in a couple weeks—but I’m still not entirely sold on graphic novels. I think it’s just not the medium for me. I was glad to mark off another from my Eclectic Reader Challenge, though!

I slogged through Five Days at Memorial, taking a whopping 22 days to get through, which surprised me because this harrowing non-fiction material is usually right up my alley. The slog might have been due to the timing of reading it, being too busy to really dig in.

To further talk myself into this number NOT being pitiful, I should clarify that in my monthly reading recaps here I’m counting the books I finished within the calendar month (Sept 1–30), not taking into consideration when I started a book. For example, I started two other books in September but won’t finish them today, the last day of the month, so they’ll count for October. I’m decently far into them as of today, too—71% done with Elizabeth Warren’s A Fighting Chance (audio) and 38% done with The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henríquez.

Review post for Five Days at Memorial coming soon! How did your September go for reading?

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