reading recap: august 2014

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I had a great month of reading! One more book than July, too (well, to be fair, the Lessing was only like 50 pages 😉 ).

I read six books in August:

aug book

I started off the month strong with Helter Skelter, which completely knocked me off my butt. I was spellbound by this book and so glad I finally mustered up the courage to read it! I’d had it on my list forever, but put it off because I knew it would be gruesome and horrifying. I was also glad to cross off another off my TBR Pile Challenge too. Best book I read this month, hands down.

Burial Rites and The Grandmothers were both quiet thought-provokers. I bought Burial Rites as retail therapy in summer 2013 (still have a bunch from that shopping spree to get through!). I really liked it—definitely lived up to the hype it received when it came out. The Grandmothers was kind of just all right—good, but not the best Lessing I’ve read and not the best this month.

I did expect to read one more book than I did in Hawaii (I read two: the Watson and Denfeld), but that’s a lot better than the usual number (um, zero) when visiting family and/or on vacation. Before I Go to Sleep was thrilling and hard to put down (just like my baby niece! LOL) and The Enchanted was perfect for the beach. Very poetic.

I finished The Botany of Desire today. It was this month’s selection for my library’s book group, but I wasn’t able to get a copy until kind of late in the month—only read about 25% before the discussion last week. That’s okay, I had been wanting to read it for a long time anyway so I’m happy I finally had an excuse!

Review posts for The Enchanted and The Botany of Desire coming this week! How was your reading in August? What were the best/worst you read that month?

6 thoughts on “reading recap: august 2014

  1. Great month! I’ve had Helter Skelter on my shelves for ages, too, and definitely need to get to it sometime. You may have given me a bit of a push 😉

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