reading recap: july 2014

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I know I’m several days late here! I wanted to get all my review posts done for the books I read in July. Still getting the hang of this feature 🙂

I read five books in July:

I enjoyed all these books! Three fiction and two non-fiction. I had a really fun mini-readalong of Something Wicked with my friend Anthony (click link above for recap), and The Bean Trees and Driven were nice and easy for a very busy month, thanks to my extensive Fringe Fest coverage. The Dog Stars was a great dystopian book, good on audio for a long drive, but Our Divided Political Heart, while compelling, took me forever to get through. I was pleased to get one more done for my TBR Pile Challenge as well (Bean Trees).

Writing this down, only five books? Really? It felt like a lot more, but that’s probably thanks to starting Helter Skelter on July 18. I didn’t finish it until the first weekend of August, though, so I’m counting it for that month, especially since I really ended up reading the bulk of it those first few days of August.

How was your reading in July? What were the best/worst you read that month?

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