top ten tuesday: book blogger confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, a fun way to get yourself thinking and sharing about books and bookish things.

July 8: Top ten book blogger confessions

We all have dirty little secrets, I suppose…!

1. I actually like to see the movie version…
… AFTER I read the book, naturally. It doesn’t really bother me or screw up my previous reading experience. Of course, if I accidentally already saw the movie before I knew it was a book first, I end up with pretty much zero desire to read the book, no matter how great it’s supposed to be.

2. I have a post schedule but I can just barely keep to it.
It’s just a list in the notes app on my iPad. I am constantly futzing with it because I either take longer or quicker with a book than I expect to, things come up and I don’t have time to post, or I just flat-out change my mind and decide against posting whatever I had down for that day.

3. I get afraid of falling into meme- and review-only posts ruts.
I hope I’m not boring anyone! But on the other hand…

4. …I blog first and foremost for myself, just for the fun of it.
Yep, I don’t really pay too close attention to stats and the numbers game. Readers and followers are a wonderful and welcome bonus! I get a little ping of joy whenever I see that I have a comment, and try my best to respond to all of them.

5. Speaking of comments, I’m not awesome about commenting on other blogs.
I try and I want to, but I get distracted or I only have a minute to peruse quick before I have to do something else. And I’ve been largely off the computer on the weekends lately (which, confession, while I’m at it: has been AMAZING! You should all try it).

6. I feel like I’m a year behind other book bloggers…
I wish I could keep up with all the latest books that are out. I went on a bit of a retail therapy bender last year and I have a good handful of 2013 releases I still have to read.

7. …but I’m not really interested in ARCs or galleys much.
Once in a blue moon I’ll win an ARC in a giveaway contest online, which is awesome, but then I end up feeling pressure to readitrightnowandpostimmediatelyomg!!! and I just can’t commit to that kind of schedule.

8. I sign up for annual challenges knowing full well I’ll fail.
TBR Pile Challenge and Eclectic Reader. Failed last year, already know I’ll fail this year. It’s a good way to cull through old books though, right? If you can’t even be bothered with it in a challenge after a YEAR, maybe it’s time to release into the universe?

9. I don’t particularly like e-reading, but I keep buying ebooks.
Damn you, daily deal! $1.99! I could do a whole challenge on my ebook collection alone.

10. I’m not sure I’d read as much if I didn’t have the blog.
I never thought about it much before blogging—how many books I read in a year, what I was reading, what was new out there, got excited about discussing what I was reading. Once I started the blog it became really fun to “compete” against myself, to read more than I did last year, see how to diversify my reading, try new formats (ebook, audio), etc. I make a lot of time to read, and I wonder if I would do that if I didn’t have this space to track and share.

So how about it, I can’t be alone here, right? Bueller?

8 thoughts on “top ten tuesday: book blogger confessions

  1. I will agree with you on most of these, I’m trying to quit eARCs but I have so many in my list still to read. I like that you put #4 in there, we all need to remind ourselves of thise

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