quality hill playhouse + bbq

Hi guys, I normally share my KCMetropolis.org reviews on Wednesdays when they are published, but I was a little busy yesterday:



This is a half-slab of ribs from the incomparable Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City, on the Kansas side. Wednesdays for dinner they have a burnt ends special, which my husband wanted for his birthday (yesterday). But I have serious trouble resisting the ribs!

In this week’s new issue of KCMetropolis.org I have one review, of a company I haven’t seen before: Quality Hill Playhouse. It has been putting on cabarets and revues for a quarter century, and this year in celebration of the 25th anniversary it’s reviving favorite shows from the past. This month’s revival is Rhapsody in Gershwin, which features standards from the Gershwin brothers’ oeuvre, mostly enduring songs from long-forgotten Broadway musicals and films from the 1930s. It was fun seeing my friend Brian on bass, and a few familiar actors’ faces!

Read my full review at KCMetropolis.org: Love reigns in Rhapsody

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