top ten tuesday: authors i haven’t read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, a fun way to get yourself thinking and sharing about books and bookish things.

March 5: Top ten popular authors I haven’t read

I could basically have an entries here for “all authors of The Classics” and “authors of 50 million mysteries/thrillers/courtroom dramas” but that would be boring! Here are ten authors that I haven’t read, in no particular order:

1. Virginia Woolf
This is one that I feel like I have read, although I’ve never owned any of her books, and never read any in school. Maybe because I feel like by now I should have definitely read Woolf? I don’t know, it’s a weird feeling!

2. Anaïs Nin
My mother loaned me Nin’s Diary Vol. I years ago and it sat and sat and sat. Finally during my last move I gave it back to her (oh, the guilt!).

3. Franz Kafka
I’ve had a copy of The Metamorphosis and Other Stories on my shelves for longer than I care to admit (or can remember). If nothing else, I’d at LEAST like to get through The Metamorphosis, the story actually really appeals to me!

4. Michael Chabon
Everyone raves about The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, and I have a copy waiting (put it on my TBR Pile and Eclectic Reader Challenges this year).

5. Louise Erdrich
Last year I bought her The Round House and still haven’t read it! Another one on the “must read” list for 2014 for me.

6. J.K. Rowling
Don’t hate, people! I just have no interest in the Harry Potter series at all.

7. Jane Austen
Another one I’m just not interested in. Nineteenth-century Gothic romance is not my thing, I don’t even want to see the movie versions. It’s going to take a lot of will power to make myself read Brontë’s Wuthering Heights this year for my TBR Pile Challenge.

8. Salman Rushdie
Should I have read Rushdie by now? His genre seems up my alley and I’m a little fascinated by the whole Satanic Verses controversy, but I’m not sure I’m up for the effort (right now, at least).

9. Jodi Picoult
I’m not interested now, but My Sister’s Keeper might have been something I would have liked back in late high school (about 5 years before it was published).

10. Jonathan Franzen
Eh. Again people rave, but the synopses of his books seem bleak in a way that does not appeal to me (sometimes bleak novels appeal! what can I say). Not going to feel badly about not reading Franzen.

What popular authors have you not read yet, or are not interested in?

9 thoughts on “top ten tuesday: authors i haven’t read

  1. I don’t think I’m ever going to read any Franzen either. I’d forgotten about Anias Nin, I really feel like I should read her, I just haven’t. I will say that I enjoyed all the Jane Austen novels I’ve read more than Wuthering Heights, so if it’s a TBR toss up, I recommend taking your chances with Austen. Not nearly as broody and Victorian as you might expect.

    • Huh. All right, well, I’ll take that into consideration! It’s not a TBR toss up, I only have Wuthering Heights on there. It was a gift from my grandmother, who just passed away a few months ago, so I feel super guilty about never reading it (yet).

  2. I haven’t read the Harry Potter books either. Kavalier & Clay is a good read, as is The Corrections. Jodi Picoult is another one I avoid, I’m sure I would read them and enjoy them, but I’m not a fan of ‘issue’ books.

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