jazz winterlude

KCMetropolis.orgIt’s another big issue of KCMetropolis.org this week, and I have a new review:

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing two top-notch jazz concerts over at Johnson County Community College during its annual Jazz Winterlude. Both headlining acts were also part of JCCC’s Performing Arts Series, too. I wasn’t at the entire festival, but I was happy to see lots of diverse world music offerings there this year! First, on Friday night, I heard drummer Terri Lyne Carrington and her group of crazy-good musicians in Polsky Theatre. It was a very intimate setting and though Carrington’s band took a little time to get out of jamming-mode (which was still fun to listen to), once they clicked they really clicked and the music and experience was on a whole new plane for me. I think her take on the classic Ellington-Roach-Mingus Money Jungle social statement album is refreshing and appropriate to today’s issues.

The next night I saw legendary trumpeter Arturo Sandoval over in Yardley Hall. He was so much fun, as expected! I knew I had to call dibs on Sandoval’s show as soon as KCM had it up on the assignment calendar. I’ve been a fan for years—his music and Dizzy Gillespie’s pretty much introduced me to Latin-infused jazz. Anyway, I am consistently impressed by the high-quality, acclaimed artists JCCC brings in.

Read my full review at KCMetropolis.org: Tributes rule at Jazz Winterlude

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