packers: green, gold and glory

The second book I read during my mini-readathon over Thanksgiving was Packers: Green, Gold and Glory by Sports Illustrated. From Goodreads:

Green Bay has a history like no other city in the National Football League. Here the passion runs deep and true through generations of fans, and the success has been unparalleled: 13 championships, 22 Hall of Fame players, a past festooned with grand names such as Lambeau and Lombardi and Nitschke. Not surprisingly, the Packers have won the admiration of fans the world over, and Sports Illustrated celebrates the franchise with this collection of new and classic stories and photographs.

I was thrilled to win a copy of Packers: Green Gold and Glory from last month! It was wonderful to read about our great players and memorable games… especially during this lackluster season. 😦 I needed a little positive Packers pick-me-up lately! I loved coming home from work to read a few pages of this every day, my “coffee-table” book of November.

Green, Gold and Glory pretty much encompasses the best of the Packers—high-quality photographs and facsimiles, history of the team, brief essays on favorite players past and present, recaps of the championship games, selected articles from previous issues of Sports Illustrated, and even an extensive section right at the beginning about the fans. Gotta say it—Packers fans are the best. I love the tradition of the players riding kids bikes to training camp! When I was up in Green Bay in October I went on the Lambeau Field stadium tour and was pleasantly surprised to see my tour guide featured in the book as an ardent memorabilia collector and life-long fan.

Of course, as a Wisconsinite with roots in Green Bay, the fan section touched me the most. I definitely identify with the stories of the fans—loving the Packers is a time-honored tradition across generations in Wisconsin. My grandparents lived in Green Bay, and more than half my mom’s family still does. My grampa took my gramma on dates to see the Packers of the 1940s at (Old) City Stadium near East High School (where my mom is an alumna). Grampa bought season tickets in 1957 when the new City Stadium opened, later renamed Lambeau Field. The tickets passed around my mom’s siblings for a while before landing with my mom, and it is a wonderful feeling to go to a game and sit in the same spot my grampa did for decades, even during the Ice Bowl of ’67. I get teared up just thinking about this stuff sometimes! (Seriously, I really do. This is me crying [and my friends laughing at me!] when the Packers won Super Bowl XLV.)

The game recaps were another favorite part, especially the Ice Bowl, Super Bowl XXXI (my dad and uncle went to New Orleans to see it), and Super Bowl XLV. And I loved how it emphasized what a big part the community plays in the Packers, from activism (buying shares and rallying to sell tickets, for example) to small-town, down-to-earth attitude. Anyway, Green, Gold and Glory is a must-read for any die-hard Packers fan, and a wonderful book to have in your collection.

Read from November 7 to 30, 2013.

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