top ten tuesday: thankful

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt from Broke and the Bookish is great for this week:

November 26: Top ten things for which I am thankful

Aww! And further, the list doesn’t have to be bookish. I hate to rank these things in an order, but this is just the order in which they came to mind. It does not necessarily reflect importance or a quantity of thankfulness.

1. My husband, Nick
What can I say? He’s a pretty cool guy 🙂

2. Family
My family is the best. I love coming from two big, warm, hilarious, generous, loving families, and married into another wonderful and caring family. I feel fortunate, too that I can genuinely call my family members friends, and that we truly enjoy spending time together. I seriously lucked out!

3. Music
Music has been a huge part of my life as long as I can remember, from opening my mom’s old guitar case and strumming on the strings (a very early memory) to my folks constantly having the stereo going in our house, from piano to guitar to double bass (my true instrumental love), studying composition, performing in orchestras all over Kansas City, and writing about music. I can’t imagine my life without it. Also, re: #1, husband and I met as master’s degree composition students.

4. Food
Food is the best, no? I love going out to restaurants, shopping at farmers markets, trying out new recipes, sharing with loved ones… and reaping the delicious benefits 🙂 I’m also grateful for how food brings our families together, uniting us through time and traditions.

5. Books
Of course! How else can you travel the world, through time (and space!) on the cheap? I’m thankful I have books to learn, to experience, to empathize, to keep my mind active, and to connect with friends old and new, IRL and online!

6. Friends
Speaking of friends, I’m really blessed with amazing friends, from childhood all the way to now. I am so glad I have a great crew of people with whom to hang out and make music.

7. Green Bay Packers
You know I love my Packers! I’m thankful for the entertainment, for the sense of community among the fans, for the good the organization does across Wisconsin, and for how no matter where you are, you can find fellow Packers fans. I love feeling connected to my family through the Packers, too—for example when I go to a game at Lambeau I sit right on the same aluminum bench my grampa sat on at the Ice Bowl in 1967. How ’bout dat, hey?

8. Yoga
I re-introduced myself to yoga this year, and it has been the best ever. I used to practice it years ago, but fell off the wagon for quite a while. This year yoga has helped me in ways big and small, from just being a nice break in my workday to improving my mental focus, emotional well-being, and the obvious physical health benefits. Yeah!

9. Where I come from and where I am currently
Madison, Wisconsin is an incredible place. I love the history and culture there, and the fighting spirit and good-humored nature of the people. I am proud beyond words of being born and raised in Madison. I’ve lived in Kansas City for more than a decade, and I love it here, too. Again the history, culture, and people are so great, and I am proud that I’ve made a life here as an adult. I’m thankful to have experiences in Madison and Kansas City—I believe they point to a good future wherever I may end up.

10. The little things
Because I have had an as-usual super busy but unusually stressful year, I have often tried to remind myself to really savor any small bit of free time I’ve had, no matter how fleeting. Just allowing myself to rest, read, sip a tasty beverage, watch a little mindless TV, go to a museum or take a bike ride… whatever. I’m so glad for any chance I have to squeeze in a much-needed recharge.

What are you thankful for in your life this year?

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