jordi savall

KCMetropolis.orgNew review!

Last week on Halloween night, instead of parties or handing out candy or watching scary movies, I went downtown to the Folly Theater to hear iconic early music legend Jordi Savall on the Friends of Chamber Music series.

This program was really spellbinding. I’m not much of an early music fan… like, it’s fine, just doesn’t capture my attention and leave me awe-struck much. But this Jordi Savall concert was rumored around town to be the “event of the season” and I have to agree. I saw a lot of important local musicians there, and when the musicians go, you know it should be good! Savall presented a new project called Honey and Blood: The Cycles of Life in the Mosaic of the Balkan Peoples, which blended musical styles from Sephardic Jewish, Christian, Ottoman, Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek, and more from Eurasia into one cohesive, five-part program demonstrating the similarities we all share throughout life: family, memory, tradition, faith, love, death. This was one of only three performances in the United States this season, so I feel really grateful I was able to go!

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