happy halloween!

My favorite holidays by far are Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and Super Bowl Sunday (what? 😉 ). I don’t usually do holiday-themed posts, but I’m feeling sort of guilty because I’m behind on my blog. I have two books to do posts on (True Grit and The Year of the Flood), which I’ll have more time for over the weekend. Stay tuned!

But since it is Halloween today and I’m not doing the traditional Halloween things (at work today and then a concert tonight—no candy or parties this year), I decided to listen to the music of my favorite composer, Nick Omiccioli (what? 😉 ). My husband Nick’s music is really fitting for this particular holiday!

First, check out his funeral symphony: seven processionals after m.k. čiurlionis. Nick went to Lithuania for a new music festival last year and was inspired by a set of paintings by the artist M. K. Čiurlionis depicting a funeral processional to a mountain hall, where death is waiting: http://ciurlionis.licejus.lt/T_Laid_simf_en.htm

Next, a piece he wrote for the Boston-based trio Animus Ensemble: anima / animus. I love each individual solo section in this one, and the tone is very dark yet has an edginess to it.

And then, give a listen to reach for string quartet. This is probably one of my very favorites. One summer Nick and I got kind of addicted to watching shows about climbing Mt. Everest, so he was inspired to base this piece off “summit fever,” when people sometimes go out of their right minds in Everest’s “Death Zone” trying to make it to the top.

Here’s Nick’s home soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/nicholas-omiccioli
And his website: http://nicholasomiccioli.com

Happy Halloween!

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