abyssinian mass + mid america freedom band

KCMetropolis.orgAnother weekend with two great Kansas City concerts I covered for this week’s issue of KCMetropolis.org!

On Saturday I saw the Harriman-Jewell Series present Abyssinian: A Gospel Celebration at Helzberg Hall, composed by Wynton Marsalis and featuring the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Chorale Le Chateau, and conductor Damien Sneed. It was fun, but like… I kind of wish the audience had been more participatory and less politely observing. It was like a massive Baptist church service, but hardly anyone clapped along or cheered or shouted “Amen!” or anything. Oh well! It was still quite the performance.

Mid America Freedom Band opened its season on Sunday at The Nelson-Atkins Museum with an art-themed program titled The Art of Music. My friend is the artistic director, so it was fun to see him in action conducting again (it has been a while!). They did a great job, although the hall—while a nice venue—didn’t help them out too much as far as resonance goes. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it—a very nice afternoon of band music.

Read my full reviews at KCMetropolis.org:

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