aaron neville + carrie: the musical

KCMetropolis.orgLast weekend I covered two great shows in Kansas City for the latest issue of KCMetropolis.org!

On Friday night I heard R&B legend Aaron Neville on the Cyprus Avenue Live series at the Folly Theater downtown. He was incredible! I couldn’t believe the modest turnout—I was completely expecting this concert to be sold out. Also I think I was just about the youngest person there… 🙂 thanks for exposing me to great music as a kid, Mom & Dad!

Egads! Theatre Company’s presentation of Carrie: The Musical opened this weekend too, and I saw it on Saturday night. While Egads! unsurprisingly had excellent actors who gave strong performances, unfortunately the songs in this show left something to be desired. Driving home from it I couldn’t have even hummed a chorus from anything I had just heard. Not the fault of Egads! of course—I just think maybe this particular novel is tough to translate into a musical.

Read my full reviews at KCMetropolis.org:

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