reading challenges

In January, I decided to join two reading challenges in order to finally motivate myself to read the books I’ve had sitting around unread on my shelves for years. For the first six months, I was totally rocking both challenges with a pace of about one book (per challenge) per month. Then in July, I read ahead in one challenge and fell behind in the other. Since then I’ve been at an impasse with both of them…

Now that it’s September, I’m starting to feel like I’m not going to finish either challenge. I admit to switching up some of my selections for the Eclectic Reader, but several of the remaining books on my TBR Pile Challenge just don’t appeal to me anymore. And I have bought a bunch more books through the year that I am much more looking forward to reading (including some I got as Christmas gifts I haven’t even read yet…)

I have a bit of a competitive streak (especially with myself), that’s why the idea of quitting the challenges like this is hard to digest. I think I could possibly finish the Eclectic Reader—only four books to go on that, though I am only halfway through the TBR Pile list. And now that the school year/concert season has started back up, my leisure time for reading has dwindled significantly.

I want to keep going—I’m really enjoying being a part of the challenges and the online book community involved! But the stalling out has put me in a slump; I’ve lost steam on them. Sigh.

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