it’s monday! what are you reading?

It’s Monday, what are you reading?—a weekly blog meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.

On my drive out to Aspen a couple weeks ago, I started the audio for The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. It’s a pretty long audio (18 hours!) and the drive from KC to Aspen was around 13 (didn’t listen on the way back). I have trouble listening to audiobooks in my day-to-day normal life—I find it hard to concentrate—so I picked up a paperback copy from the library to finish up. I still have just under 100 pages to go at this point, but I still feel immersed in the story. It’s got a little bit of everything: history, adventure, mystery, romance, humor, betrayal, coming-of-age… and BOOKS are the catalyst for it all! (Well, almost, sorta 😉 )

The Dinner by Hermon Koch is the second book I’m working on right now. I had a cold during my trip to Aspen (SUPER LAME) so I spent some time resting and trying to recuperate in my husband’s dorm. It’s a book that starts out normal enough—two couples meet at a restaurant for a five-course meal—but the conversation and atmosphere gets darker and more messed up with every chapter. Flashbacks fill in a lot of the reason for tension between the couples, including the reason they meet this night. The Dinner is one of the books I bought for Nick at the beginning of the festival, in case he wanted some entertainment, and figured I’d read it (and the three others) after he came home. Well, when I arrived in Aspen I asked how much reading he got in, and he said “eight pages.” “Well, it’s an eight-week festival, so that’s one page a week. Not bad!”*

*I’m the big reader nerd of the two of us, and to be fair the Aspen Summer Music Festival is really busy and packed with concerts and activities for the participants. I didn’t think he’d read four books!

What are you reading this week?

10 thoughts on “it’s monday! what are you reading?

  1. Sorry about the cold, i hope you are feeling better :)Have a great reading week,
    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

    • Hahah yes, I saw that it’s the first of a trilogy… and I know I’m not really “into” series books…! Bah! Well, I want to do Atwood’s Maddaddam triology first, I loved Oryx and Crake more than Shadow. But it’s still good! I would not rule out finishing the trilogy in the future. But more seriously I need to catch up on my 2013 TBR Pile Challenge before anything else, I’m about 2 books behind there :-/

      Have a great week of reading!

    • I know, right?? And WHY do they always hit me while I’m on vacation!?! GRR! Anyway, I feel all recovered now 🙂

      I only have like 30 pages to go of The Dinner, hoping to finish tonight!

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