KCMetropolis.orgI don’t know what I was thinking, but I signed up to review Footloose at Starlight Theatre on Monday night after moving. (Actually, I do know what I was thinking—that I had to get away from the piles of boxes of everything for the night!)

The stage musical version of the cult classic 80s film was maybe a bit on the long side—padding was needed to extend the run time to a full Broadway-level production—but it was still a fun way to spend the evening. There are some iconic scenes in the film that I was really curious about how they’d translate to stage, but I guess that was solved by leaving them out completely (when Kevin Bacon plays “tractor chicken” with his rival, and his intense solo dance/workout in the warehouse, especially). The pop hits from the film soundtrack worked well in the musical, and overall I enjoyed myself. During a scene where the four main girls are singing “Holding Out for a Hero” and four strapping young dudes rip off their shirts and start dancing around the stage—a young girl in front of me (must have been, like, 10 years old maybe…) asked her dad for the binoculars. I asked for them next, of course. (j/k!)

Read my full review at Starlight’s cuttin’ loose

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