So… I’m not loving this summer too much. I mean, I’m not a superfan of summer anyway, but between moving, having no internet at our temporary digs, moving AGAIN, and my husband being gone for eight weeks makes this particular summer an especially lame time. I did have one fun gig though with Kinnor Philharmonic a couple weekends ago, though, and there are a few concerts I’ve been able to review for KCMetropolis.

Last weekend I went to hear Summerfest**’s opening concert of its 23rd season, “Reflecting Forward.” They mixed up new and old, with pieces by contemporary composers that are influenced and inspired by music of past eras. Check out my review at Reflecting on inspiration from the past [EDIT: just counted and this is my 100th article on KCMetropolis!]

**Being from Wisconsin, I (still, always) associate the word “summerfest” with the annual 11-day rock/pop fest in Milwaukee!! It’s a mental process every time I hear/say it here in Kansas City: “the classical chamber one” HA!

Photo: Summerfest musicians (photo by Joseph Maino Photography)

2 thoughts on “summerfestkc

    • Thanks. Yeah summers just aren’t totally my thing. I’m a ginger so I can’t be in the sun too much, plus the heat in Kansas City is starting to reach brutal levels now, and most of my friends all go off to music conferences/festivals all summer!! And my orchestras are on break, so hardly any gigs for me. Bored.

      BUT some good things: my friends just had their first baby yesterday! And I’m going up to Wisconsin to visit family for almost a whole week starting tomorrow.

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