booking through thursday: book damage

What’s the worst thing you ever did to your reading material? Have you EVER damaged your book/magazine/paper?

Last week, I missed Booking Through Thursday because I was on vacation in Aspen! It was beautiful and I’ll write up a post soon. (Post(s) coming soon about the audiobooks I listened to on the drive, too!)

Let’s see… damaging books. I’m pretty uptight about keeping my possessions in as pristine shape as possible (a trait inherited from my dear ol’ dad!)… I cringe when I see scratched discs or records, water-stained paper edges make me wince, [insert other corny alliterations]… But for real though, I like to take good care of my stuff. That said, no one is immune to a mishap here and there.

A normal habit of mine is reading a book while on my lunch break at work, so on occasion I’ve accidentally dipped corners of my books into my soup/salad dressing/etc. and left a little stain. There’s this one thing that I always do, pretty much to every single book I read, though. Due to the way I hold the book, I make a tiny little rectangular-shaped tear/crease at the bottom center of a page. Usually it only happens about once per book. Maybe it’s my big strong bass player hands…! But really it’s annoying and I don’t know… it just happens!

Otherwise… one time about a year ago, I was enjoying a book on the deck in the backyard and all of a sudden a bird pooped on it, right in my hands!! I guess I didn’t
feel quite as strongly about the book as this bird apparently did 😉

How about you? Have you damaged your books at all?

8 thoughts on “booking through thursday: book damage

  1. Funny story about the bird! I’m assuming that one was ruined. About the tears on the bottom–yes I have done that with a paperback if I am one-handing it while doing something with other hand (like long ago, holding a bottle for baby in stroller). You just reminded me of that habit I had.

    • It turned out not to be too bad a poop, just in a bottom corner, maybe ~1.5 inch diameter. I cleaned it up quickly enough that it all came out and didn’t soak through to more pages. Still gross though! It was more the shock and surprise that got to me! LOL 😉 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. LOL! Stupid bird! Not funny, right? Sorry, but I totally chuckled 😉

    I try to keep my books in the best shape possible. Nothing gets my OCD a’tinglin like a dog-eared page. Eeek!

    When I was a young girl I left my favorite book about horses in a tent overnight. (In our backyard) It rained. My book was soaked and ruined. Wahhh. I’ve never gotten over that!

    • Ha! That’s okay, I laughed too and made a big “horrified” deal of it to my husband 😉

      Yeah I’m not a fan of dogears either. Like, really? No little scrap of paper anywhere around for you to use as a bookmark? I’ve used coasters and a TV remote (briefly) even!

      Aww!! Tears for your soaked book. I hope you found a replacement eventually??

  3. Almost all my books are damaged in some way. I dog ear my pages, I read in the bath, eat while reading…and when my Mom’s dog was a puppy she “tasted” more than one of my books. Some books I’ve read so many times the binding has literally fallen apart (I have to replace my copy of The Stand for this very reason).

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