heartland men’s chorus: heart + soul

Heartland Men's Chorus: Photo courtesy Tom Lancaster & HMC

This summer is shaping up to have some really great weekends! Last Saturday after a fun baby shower for a friend (children’s literature theme—I won a small pot of gerber daisies 🙂 ) and a looooong shopping trip that was kind of torturous but I ended up with some good new clothes, I attended the Heartland Men’s Chorus‘s season finale at the Folly Theater.

These guys never fail to entertain, pulling out all the stops for their performances. I’ve called them “Kansas City’s resident feel-good ensemble” before, and it is a pretty apt description, if I do say so myself. I never leave an HMC concert without having had a great time, my heartstrings tugged, and generally feeling uplifted. Read my full review of HMC’s Heart and Soul: Music of the 1950s concert on KCMetropolis.org: Heart and soul to spare

Coming up soon: Booking Through Thursday tomorrow and hopefully a book review on Friday. Next week I’m roadtrippin’ to Colorado so I’ll try to write and schedule some posts ahead over the weekend… we’ll see if I have the time!

Photo: Heartland Men’s Chorus courtesy of Tom Lancaster and HMC

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