My cold threw me off badly last week, but I was well enough mid-week to sneak in one review. Cantus, a Minneapolis-based a cappella men’s nonet, was supposed to perform on the Harriman-Jewell Series here in Kansas City in February, but was snowed out. They did make it into town despite the weather, but the concert was postponed to last Thursday. I really enjoyed these guys! Great singers all around. I liked their sensitivity to the music and easy-going vibe. It was obvious they really thought through their programming choices, and overall the concert was pleasant and fun. I absolutely LOVED Veljo Tormis’s Incantatio maris aestuosi! (Track 13 here) Best choral work I’ve heard live in a while—find this and listen to it. Can’t recommend highly enough. There was really only one piece on Cantus’s concert I personally hated…! Read my full review at KCMetropolis: Cantus displays musical diversity

Photo credit: Curtis Johnson, from

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