james carter organ trio

You guys, I am experiencing major burn out, and we’re only two weeks into the semester! Well, last semester was especially busy and stressful at work, and I am kind of overloaded on activities and obligations (who isn’t, right?) so coming out of a relatively calm winter break has been a weird shock for me. Added to the normal craziness of our schedules, Nick will be graduating this semester, so that means comprehensives and dissertation defense… and on top of that we have to move in the middle of the semester. AND on top of THAT, we are still waiting on the word for what’s going on next school year (i.e. job hunting results). YAY! (not really.) Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in posts and reviews here and there—I’ll do my best. And I hope we’ll have good news to come out of this horribly crazy and nerve-wracking couple of months.

Anyway, my point is… I totally forgot to post my latest KCMetropolis.org review from last week! It was my first one after a long holiday break, for us and for the presenting music organizations. (I caught a couple shows in December too that I think I missed posting here… you can find my whole list of articles here, though, all up to date.) Last Friday I heard the James Carter Organ Trio perform on the Folly Jazz Series at the Folly Theater. I was blown away—Carter is one seriously talented musician, and takes the saxophone further than you’d ever expect.

Read my full review at KCMetropolis.org: Jazz trio of multifaceted talents

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