where did i read in 2012?

I found this awesomely nerdy idea to make a map of all the places you “read” in the year on a post at write meg! (who was inspired by Reading on a Rainy Day). basically, you set up a Google map and pin all the settings of the books you read. I couldn’t include books with indiscernible settings (some non-fiction books) or fully fictional and non-Earthly (Middle Earth in The Hobbit, for example), but I had a lot of fun looking back and seeing on one map where I “traveled” last year! Lots in the United States, but several all over the world, too. I read more books set in Western, South, and Southeast Asia than I would have guessed from myself, and less in Europe. But in pretty much every case, I was completely transported.

Some memorable settings in the United States:

  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • New York, New York
  • Appalachian Trail
  • Arcadia, New York

Some memorable settings outside the United States:

  • Naples, Italy
  • Coastline of Ligurian Sea, Italy
  • Mumbai, India
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Mt. Everest, Sagarmatha, Nepal
  • Drăgăneşti, Romania
  • Hiroshima, Japan
  • South Vietnam

2 thoughts on “where did i read in 2012?

    • Yes! I made a couple of google maps before (one for my wedding—the hotels and stuff, and started one for all the places my husband had performances of his compositions) but didn’t even think of doing one for the books I’m reading. Starting one for my 2013 books this week!

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