eclectic reader challenge 2013

In a further attempt to tackle more on my TBR shelf, I also joined the 2013 Eclectic Reader Challenge hosted by Shelleyrae at book’d out: in twelve months, read a book in each of the twelve varied categories. (Note: it doesn’t have to be in any particular order and you can go at your own pace.)

Several of the genres I had books for already, but there are just a couple I’ll need to buy or check out from the library. I was a little stumped by what “New Adult” was, but Shelleyrae had a good reference list linked to Goodreads and I just happened to find one on the list for super cheap the last time I was at the used bookstore (it’s between YA and adult literature—protagonists are typically age 18–24). I also don’t really know what’s coming out in 2013 yet, but again it was just happenstance that I recently won a Goodreads ARC giveaway book, which will be published in March 2013, which covers that selection. I was so excited to get going on this challenge I already finished Lizz Free or Die!

Just like the last year, I will be writing little review posts on every book I read in 2013, and when I finish one of these books I will check them off and add the links on my master list page under the Book Challenges spot in the menu here.

1. Translated fiction The Devil and Miss Prym … Paulo Coelho
2. Historical mystery The Art Forger … Barbara Shapiro
3. Romantic suspense American Ghost … Janis Owens
4. Made into a movie The Godfather … Mario Puzo
5. New adult Flowers for Algernon … Daniel Keyes
6. Urban fantasy Kafka on the Shore … Haruki Murakami
7. Dystopian A Clockwork Orange … Anthony Burgess
8. Memoir The Apprentice … Jacques Pépin
9. LGBT Love in a Dark Time … Colm Tóibín
10. Action/Adventure In the Heart of the Sea … Nathaniel Philbrick
11. Humor Lizz Free or Die … Lizz Winstead
12. Published in 2013 Salt Sugar Fat … Michael Moss

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