tbr pile challenge 2013

A challenge that caught my eye right away for 2013 is the TBR Pile Challenge hosted by Adam at Roof Beam Reader.

It’s super easy—in twelve months, read twelve books that have been sitting on your shelves unread for at least one year (so, nothing published on or after January 1, 2012). Adam allows for two alternates in case you find you don’t like/can’t finish one of your chosen twelve. And if I end up ahead of the game, I’ll go ahead and read my two alternates, too! (Note: it doesn’t have to be in any particular order and you can go at your own pace.)

Just like the last year, I will be writing little review posts on every book I read in 2013, and when I finish one of these books I will check them off and add the links on my master list page under the Book Challenges spot in the menu here.

1. Atonement … Ian McEwan
2. Cold Mountain … Charles Frazier
3. In Defense of Food … Michael Pollan
4. Isaac’s Storm … Erik Larson
5. Suite Française … Irène Némirovsky
6. Tender at the Bone … Ruth Reichl
7. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter … Carson McCullers
8. The Lost City of Z … David Grann
9. The Shipping News … Annie Proulx
10. This is Your Brain on Music … Daniel J. Levitin
11. Under the Banner of Heaven … Jon Krakauer
12. What to Listen for in Music … Aaron Copland

1. The Transformation and Other Stories … Franz Kafka
2. Ben Sidran: A Life in the Music … Ben Sidran

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