happy new year!

Happy new year! I’m a little late getting my 2012 reading retrospective post up, but I returned to work after a glorious eleven days off and getting back into the swing of things have kept me a little busy this week. My year in reading, 2012:

This year I went there and back again with a hobbit; traversed the Pacific Ocean as a castaway with a Bengal tiger; played a bunch of college and minor league baseball…

Hiked the Appalachian Trail; hung out with Tina Fey, Anthony Bourdain, Carole King, and Marilyn Monroe; traveled to VietnamItalyIndiaRomaniaJapan, and Afghanistan

Learned about economicswarpoliticssexcancer cells, and society; lived on a hippie commune; tried to outwit an insane spouse; made some unusual and interesting friends; prepared myself for murderous cats; improved my grammar; explored the music world

Tackled race relations in Mississippi; wondered about life’s purpose at an isolated private school; got the full star treatment at an NFL game; time traveled to post-WWII rural Canada; experienced an epic long-lost showbiz love story across decades and continents; and re-became the patriot I never wasn’t; among a few other things!

It was a great year for reading for me. After a dismal three books in 2011, I really got back into my habit of always having a book on me and reading pretty much every day. In total, I read 40 books (with a Goodreads goal of 30), and not a horrible clunker among them. I think that might be the most books I ever read in one year, so I’m pretty happy.

Looking ahead, I set my goal on Goodreads for 2013 at 35… but this past year I raised my Goodreads goal at some point during the summer, so that could happen this year, too!

As for other challenges, I enjoyed the KC Library Adult Winter Reading Program challenge so much that I’m going to do that again this year, and found two more I want to do that will check off a bunch of books I already own on my shelves. I’m also going to participate in the Bout of Books next week. Individual posts for each challenge coming in the next couple of days!

The rest of the year had its ups and downs, of course, but overall was very good. I attended a lot of great concerts, wrote more reviews and articles for KCMetropolis, enjoyed my lovely little house and neighborhood, visited family (and welcomed our first beautiful little cousinephew in April to the fam!), celebrated my two-year wedding anniversary with Nick, and had my 30th birthday in December. I’m looking forward to this year’s adventures, especially starting after May!

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