day twelve | 30 day book challenge

30 Day Book Challenge | Day 12 — A book that made you sad or was emotionally disturbing

I don’t really get sad over books to the point of crying or anything, and I’m one of those twisted people who are interested in reading disturbing books sometimes. They are usually very provocative and make me think about life, which I like in a book. One that sticks out to me as particularly disturbing…

Push by Sapphire. I read this in my sophomore English class in college. This poor girl Precious had to deal with pretty much the worst life facing many injustices—incest, disease, poverty, discrimination, abuse—mostly from her parents, the people you are supposed to be able to trust to love you, care for you, and defend you. It’s quite the swift punch in the gut.

2 thoughts on “day twelve | 30 day book challenge

  1. I recently read this during a readathon. Wow right?

    i don’t know why but I’m one of those twisted people too 😉

    • Yes, I was shocked that this one character could endure so much horror and come out of it alive with some hope for the future.

      Glad to see I’m not alone in my “weirdness” for disturbing books! I just feel like… life is not all honey-dipped sunshine, a book is supposed to stretch your mind and make you think. I like to change up moods and subject matter in my reading, and that includes so-called “disturbing” topics.

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