day four | 30 day book challenge

30 Day Book Challenge | Day 4 — Your favorite book from childhood

There are so, so many to choose from! My folks read to me a lot when I was little, and I loved going to the library at my elementary school. I’m going to cheat and pick TWO books for this one!

But No Elephants by Jerry Smath. It is about an old woman who gave in and bought an animal every time the pet salesman stopped by her door. Finally the pet salesman had only the elephant remaining, but the woman refused to buy him. The salesman left town, so the woman relented and took in the elephant, who proved to be more than her household could handle until the time comes when he saves the day. Elephants were definitely a favorite animal of mine when I was a kid, so I’m sure that’s a big factor that drew me to this one. Also, I like the message of getting over preconceived notions, stubbornness, and prejudices.

I always loved The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, too. Who doesn’t? Activism, environmentalism, and who can resist that epic mustache??

[Runner up: Weirdly, another childhood favorite was Dr. Seuss’s You’re Only Old Once, too, even though it’s obviously meant for adults.]

2 thoughts on “day four | 30 day book challenge

  1. Those are two of my favorites, too! I also really liked Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and The Do Something Day. What great memories!

    • Yay! Thanks, Mom. I remember both of those too. This is quite the challenge! It’s very tough to pick just one book for my answers. I’m glad you saved all those kids books of ours; I like to look them over once in a while when I’m home.

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