day two | 30 day book challenge

30 Day Book Challenge | Day 2 — Your least favorite book(s) and/or a book you wish you had never read

I remember really hating a few books in high school (Their Eyes Were Watching God comes to mind), but I feel like I should give them another chance. I may have just been a grumpy teenager not giving them a fair shake. In the last few years, one book I didn’t like much but finished reading was…

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I was disappointed, and I feel like my time would have been better spent reading a better book. Here was this woman with a huge amount of money just handed to her to travel the world and write about it (DREAM LIFE, hello!!), and she spent most of it whining about old relationships (avoiding any responsibility for them failing, too) and agonizing over new men she was meeting. Yawn. Just reeked of elitism. To be fair, I liked the “Eat” section set in Italy. And when she wasn’t going on and on about a guy she was crushing or how “tough” she had it, the other parts were just okay. But really, I wanted an exciting travel memoir, not a “poor little entitled me” story.

2 thoughts on “day two | 30 day book challenge

  1. Ha ha! Great post 🙂 When I read this I enjoyed it enough, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking about how she was ABLE to just run off and travel. That’s not possible for most people.

    • Yeah! When she talked about the places and the people and experience of being there, it was fine and I enjoyed those parts well enough.

      I did end up watching the movie when it came out (video, not theatre) because I wanted to see the locations… and okay, yes, I like Javier Bardem. 😉

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