day one | 30 day book challenge

Happy December! It is my favorite month, and not just because of my birthday (and ESPECIALLY not because of Christmas, ugh). I just like that halfway point in the season, we all get a little break, time to enjoy our families, and I do like the fun and celebration of the beginning of the new year. And who doesn’t love the cooler weather, being curled up on the couch under a comforter with a great book??

The 30 Day Book Challenge has been floating around lately and I’ve enjoyed following along on some others’ blogs. I thought December would be a good month for me to do it since my concerts, rehearsals, and jobs are all slowing down until January, and then on December 31 I can do a retrospective of the books I read in 2012.

I ended up making my own version of the 30 Day Book Challenge because each of the lists I found on the internet, while similar enough, had some questions I wanted to tackle that others didn’t, and they had some questions that were just ridiculous and I didn’t want to skip a day. So I compiled them and threw in some variations/random questions I found elsewhere online.

30 Day Book Challenge | Day 1 — Your favorite book(s)

Very difficult question for any serious reader. Do I list ten? Five? ONE? How am I supposed to pick just one favorite book; is that even possible? How can I answer this without duplicating and using the same book(s) in later answers (favorite non-fiction, favorite classic, etc.)? And of course, this is just for THIS moment in time. I’m certain there are many more “favorite” books of mine out there I haven’t read yet. Garrghh! Agony.

There are several that stay fresh in my memory and close to my heart, but I’m going to have to go with…

Le petit prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I just loved it—loved it as a kid, loved it when I read it in French in high school, loved it when I re-read it in college. Come to think of it, it’s due for a re-read soon. I have two copies of this book, a French edition and an English one. At least for me, it has a timeless feeling to it. Le petit prince is beautiful, philosophical, heartbreaking, and lovely.

2 thoughts on “day one | 30 day book challenge

    • It’s a great little book! Very short—you could easily read it in one sitting. I would bet your library has copies, too! I have AdS-E’s book “Night Flight” on my shelves too that I haven’t read yet… also very short… I have no excuses!

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