dr john + sō percussion

What a week! And the next two show no signs of slowing down (sigh). I am pretty much booked up with rehearsals, concerts, meetings, work, etc. until November 10… at least for a couple of days! Last week I drove out to Lawrence, Kansas to hear Sō Percussion at the Lied Center. They were great players… but personally, I am not a fan of minimalism and the program was dominated by that genre.

A few days later I saw Dr. John with the Blind Boys of Alabama on the JCCC Performing Arts Series at Yardley Hall, which was great! I had never seen the Blind Boys live before, but really enjoy their music since encountering them for the first time on their CD with Ben Harper in 2004, There Will Be a Light. I have been a fan of Dr. John for a long time—my parents are fans, and they were big into New Orleans culture for a while, so I’d heard him fairly enough growing up. I saw Dr. John live at the first Madison Blues Festival in September 1998, when I was still in high school—got to skip school for the fest too! Haha. Anyway, it was a really amazing show and his voice has really hardly changed at all.

Read my reviews on KCMetropolis.org: Maximum minimalism and King of Creole cool

Finished reading Alex Ross’s Listen to This too this week, review coming soon!

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