esperanza spalding

This week I had the pleasure of hearing bassist/vocalist/songwriter Esperanza Spalding again in Kansas City, this time at the Kauffman Center on her tour for her latest album Radio Music Society. In 2011 she won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist—the first jazz musician to win in this category. Nick and I saw her play at the Folly in 2008, and this time around she has really expanded her music to encompass many more styles. I loved it! Downloaded the mp3 album right away when I got home. Esperanza has a bright and bubbly stage persona, while being attuned to social issues (she sang about injustice, the environment, and black pride… and love, friendship, and the radio, too!). She celebrates old-school jazz and funk with updated R&B/pop/rock twists—even some soul and gospel influences are heard, too. Full review at KCMetropolis: Tune in to Esperanza’s Radio Music

This weekend my parents are visiting us. My first KC Civic Orchestra concert of the season is Saturday night (playing Beethoven and Brahms’s First Symphonies), and before that we’ll go to the American Jazz Museum’s Rhythm & Ribs Festival. Should be lots of fun! Sunday afternoon I’m reviewing Master Class at Spinning Tree Theatre. Looking forward to a busy but really fun couple of days.

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